Navigating Member Matters Successfully

Members are a central part of any not-for-profit corporation. At times, members within a not-for-profit become embroiled in disputes. If not resolved quickly, costly and time-consuming legal battles may result and threaten the vitality of the organization.

Gray, Whitley LLP understands the challenges of member matters in not-for-profit corporations. We draw on years of practice in Toronto to help our clients successfully resolve such challenges.

Insightful Advice On Setting Up Membership Structures

When setting up a membership structure, not-for-profits are faced with many questions:

  • What are the goals in creating the membership?
  • Does the corporation want a broad or small membership?
  • Are member going to pay dues?
  • If they are paying dues, how much should the corporation charge?
  • If member disputes are not handled correctly, what happens?

The lawyers of Gray, Whitley LLP have years of experience dealing with boards of directors and members. We have advised not-for-profits on structural matters in order to create their membership and effectively maintain it. We know that membership disputes can arise and craft structures aimed at preventing problems to the fullest extent possible.

Our firm can help not-for-profits resolve such disputes that arise when:

  • Members disagree on key issues
  • Members refuse to follow the code of conduct or bylaws
  • Members have a different vision for the organization

Avoiding Unnecessary Expense

When a membership dispute escalates, the matter can sometimes end up in court. We aim to help our clients prevent this and thus preserve the corporation's time and resources.

Our approach is to avoid lengthy, expensive and unnecessary court proceedings wherever possible. We can help implement a risk management plan in case of member disputes. If a member dispute comes to a head, we can help ensure a proper process to have the membership and directors resolve the dispute.

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